Ban Facial Recognition

Facial recognition surveillance technology is unreliable, biased, and a threat to basic rights and safety. Fill out the form below to tell your Congressional and local lawmakers to ban this dangerous technology.


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Regulation is not enough

Like nuclear or biological weapons, facial recognition poses a threat to human society and basic liberty that far outweighs any potential benefits. Silicon Valley lobbyists are disingenuously calling for light “regulation” of facial recognition so they can continue to profit by rapidly spreading this surveillance dragnet. They’re trying to avoid the real debate: whether technology this dangerous should even exist. Industry-friendly and government-friendly oversight will not fix the dangers inherent in law enforcement's use of facial recognition: we need an all-out ban.

It’s broken

Facial recognition surveillance programs ID the wrong person up to 98% of the time. These errors have real-world impacts: wrongful imprisonment, deportation, or worse.

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It’s invasive

Law enforcement officers frequently search facial recognition databases without warrants—or even reasonable suspicion that you’ve done anything wrong.

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It’s unjust

Facial recognition software systematically misidentifies people of color, women, and children—supercharging racial profiling and discrimination and putting vulnerable people at greater risk of harassment, false arrests, or worse.

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It’s vulnerable

Once our biometric information is collected and stored in government databases, it’s an easy target for identity thieves or state-sponsored hackers. This has already happened.

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It’s dangerous

Police officers across the United States routinely abuse confidential databases to spy on exes, business partners, neighbors, and journalists.

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It threatens our future

Facial recognition is unlike any other form of surveillance. It enables automated and ubiquitous monitoring of an entire population, and it is nearly impossible to avoid. If we don’t stop it from spreading, it will be used not to keep us safe, but to control and oppress us—just as it is already being used in authoritarian states.

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