Ban Facial Recognition
at Live Shows

Facial recognition is coming, unless we stop it. Companies like Ticketmaster are investing in it, and even smaller bars and venues are experimenting with it. Festivals, venues, and promoters must take a stand and refuse to use this invasive and racially biased technology, which puts music fans at risk of being unjustly detained, harassed, judged, or even deported. 24/7 mass surveillance will not keep concerts safe. Silence is complicity, it's time to make your voice heard.

Facial recognition at festivals infographic

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Fans: Sound the Alarm

Step 1

Tweet your favorite artists and venues & click here for emails to top festivals so you can ask their stance on facial recognition.

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Step 2

Unite to say no music fan wants to be tracked by signing the petition.


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Step 3

We succeed when everyone takes action and demands our rights to freedom & privacy, so spread the word.

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Artists: Take a Stand

Tell your fans you’ll protect them.

TWEET WHERE YOU STAND Get involved! Email us at [email protected]


Tell fans you won’t violate their privacy at your shows.

TWEET WHERE YOU STAND Get involved! Email us at [email protected]

What people are saying

Many popular music artists and festivals are using their voices to stand up for your rights, and their message is spreading like wildfire. Check out their tweets below, then retweet to your social network to let everyone know that you don't want facial recognition surveillance at gigs you go to.